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My name is Joe Majestic and I own Majestic Software which provides specialized software to clients around the globe. I've been a professional software developer for many years. I started developing KHS in 2005 when a public talk coordinator ask me to write a program for talk scheduling. KHS has grown in scope over the years as we try to keep up all of the wonderful changes to our meetings. My son Matt works for me and provides user support. We are both appointed men in good standing.

I would like to make it clear that KHS is not endorsed by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and should not be viewed as theocratic software.

If you decide to use KHS please test it thoroughly before registering. And while donations are appreciated, only send a donation if you are completely satisfied with the program and wish to support our efforts. You can learn more about registering by clicking the FAQ tab above.

Future support of KHS could end with changing circumstances or lack of support from our users. We hope you find KHS useful and enjoy using it.















Registered users with tech support can contact us directly from KHS by clicking Help > Tech support.

Telephone support is NOT available.

Tech support is not available for the 30 day trial so if you have a question about the trial version visit our FAQ page.



If you are not a registered user and have a non-technical inquiry, email us at:

Note: Registered users should not use this email unless they have no other option. All inquiries must be written in English.


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